Dublin, Republic of Ireland

My name is Jeffery Boverman and I currently live and work Southern California, US. 

I was born in New York City and attended the Walden School (Elementary), The Stockbridge School (boarding, 9-12), Carnegie Mellon University School of Design (undergraduate) and The School of Visual Arts (graphic and advertising design) in NYC.

I have worked in the advertising, commercial art, film and live entertainment industries for over 30 years and now focus all of my attention on the creation of rich digital media, digital art and projected media.

I have a good inventory of original digital art that can be printed from small framed to wall sized murals.  If you are be interested in integrating any of my digital art into your collection or commercial space please feel free to contact me.

Commercial use of my digital images are allowed only if expressly granted by boverman.  Commercial uses will incur a licensing fee, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

Fees are based on criteria such as type of media, distribution size, length of use and type of display.

Although considered “fine art” licensing rights can include hospitality, restaurant, hospital, office, hotel and any other type of open space application.

Artwork has been used for television, film and stage applications where limited use of customized artwork is required.

All artwork is deliverable as a digital file sized to your application.

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Enter the Dragon

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